The Questions That Bother Us So…

What is the “Northeast Regional Parrot Head Convention?”

The word “convention” sounds educational or work-related – the Northeast Regional Parrot Head Convention is not. No one tries to teach anything or make you stick to an agenda. You can join the festivities or just sit back and relax. The only requirement we want you to have is, to have FUN.

Who can attend the Northeast Regional Parrot Head Convention?

Anybody that wants to! There are no requirements to belong to a Parrot Head Club. In fact, we encourage people who are not members of a Parrot Head Club to come and see how we “Party with a Purpose”.

Why must I register?

Only registered guests of the Convention will be allowed to enjoy the entertainment and activities. Convention credentials are required for all entertainment and activities. Register Now!

How do I reserve my room for the host hotel?

After registering, our Director of Operations will contact you with a list of available rooms. After selecting your room, you will be given the information to book directly with the hotel. You cannot call the hotel to book a room directly.

Is the meal package required to attend the convention?

The meal package is optional and may be added for $104 per person. Meals include Saturday breakfast, Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast. Again, this optional and not required. If you want the meal package, you purchase it directly with the hotel.

Will there be food available?

Yes, there is a restaurant on site that will be open, Thursday, Friday & Saturday night. We have also arranged a smaller menu to be available à la carte for guests during the day. In addition there will be delivery options and we hope to have those menus available in your gift bags.

When will I see the schedule of events?

The schedule is complete and will be posted to the website. You can check it here;

When will registration close?

We will accept registrations up until the time of convention. However, there will be a cutoff date for printed convention credentials, t-shirts and a gift bag. The cutoff date is TBA.

What are the theme nights for convention?

The themes for the weekend are:

  • Thursday night: “Cowboy in the Jungle”
  • Friday night: “Pirate Ball”
  • Saturday night: “Parrot Head Phest”

We will also have a “Derby Hat” contest during the race on Saturday.

How can I become a vendor?

For more information on becoming a vendor, please contact us at for more details.  Space is very limited and we reserve the right to select appropriate vendors. 

How can I help at the convention?

There are lots of volunteer opportunities at our event. Please send an email to or sign up for available shifts at the volunteer link on our website

Can I help plan next year’s convention?

YES! We are always looking for people to join our Board of Directors (BoD) and/or committees. Anyone on our BoD would be happy to talk about any position with you. Please contact any one of us to talk about what you might be interested in helping out with by using the Contact Us link on our website:

Does our club need to donate a giant club basket?

No, your club does not need to donate a giant “basket”. This year we are giving clubs the option of either donating a traditional club basket OR donating six (or more) baskets for the Room of Opportunity. This is completely at the discretion of the individual club. The idea behind this is rather than your club spending lots of time and money right before convention, it would spread out those resources throughout the year, making it easier for everyone.

Guidelines for multiple baskets.

  • Each basket should have a value of no less than $40
  • All contents and total value must be listed on each basket.
  • Baskets should be dropped off no later than 5:00pm, Thursday of Convention.
  • Baskets need to be fully assembled, prior to drop off.
  • All expiration dates on food MUST be more than a week beyond convention. 
  • Please reach out to Beth ( with any questions.

Can I donate an item or basket for the Room of Opportunity?

YES! Our Room of Opportunity is based solely on donations made by generous people like you. There are multiple ways to donate, and ALL individual donations are rewarded with the chance to win an exclusive prize at convention. The easiest way to donate is through our Amazon wish list. You may also bring a completed basket or large ticket item directly to our event. Please contact our raffle coordinator at with any questions.

What is the link for the Amazon wish list to donate items?

Can I bring my pet to convention?  

Yes!  Envision hotel does allow pets. Visit the hotel at for more information.

Got more questions?

Visit our contact page for a list of email addresses if you have more questions!