Our mission is to up hold the traditions and 25-year longevity of the New England Parrot Head Convention. We will create a Not for Profit group dedicated to guaranteeing and eliminating the barriers for the success of NEPHC for years to come.

Our vision will be to utilize the vast experience of Parrot Head veterans that have been involved or chaired NEPHC in the past. We will structure the event with a consistent and experienced management team to provide the best of the best to succeed. NEPHCC with lead and provide two options for NE Parrot Head Convention. First, we are prepared to lead and support the NEPHC from start to finish. Our second option, is to have a host club in the NE region provide the theme, charity, decorations and assist with the entertainment selection.

Who we are:

Name Contact Position Club
The BoD:
Vincent MacQueen chair@nerphc.org Chair Club Finz
Chip Dyer   Co-Chair PHCoCT
Sherry Paul operations@nerphc.org Director of Operations PHCoME
    Hotel Logistics  
Tamara Dower marketing@nerphc.org Director of Marketing Trop Republic
  tonga@nerphc.org Website  
Todd Trusty entertainment@nerphc.org Director of Entertainment NHPHC
    Music Coordinator  
Open charities@nerphc.org Director of Charities PHCoME
Tiffany Davis fundraising@nerphc.org Director of Fundraising Trop Republic
Beth Berube secretary@nerphc.org Secretary NHPHC
Donna Dyer treasurer@nerphc.org Treasurer PHCoCT
Name Contact Position Club
The Committee:
Lynn Hahn   Vendors  
Lisa Breslin   Raffles PHCoME
Ed McNeil   Tax Advisor PHCoEM
Kathy Parker   Tax Advisor PHCoEM
Richard Feldeisen   Games Coordinator PHCoEM
Dave Howe   Games Coordinator NHPHC
Diane Hollingworth   Volunteers Club Finz
Shawn Davis   Decorations Trop Republic
Debbie Nocross   Decorations PHCoCT

For general inquiries or those listed without email, please contact us at: info@nerphc.org

Want to help out? Join the crew and help us make the Northeast Regional Parrot Head Convention the best yet! info@nerphc.org

The Northeast Regional Parrot Head Convention Committee is a Nonprofit Corporation incorporated in the state of New Hampshire.