We got yer raffles here!

Hello Parrot Heads!

You’’ve been asking about raffles, and we have some answers! 

As we all know, the raffle room is one of the many ways we are able to support our amazing charities.  To make this raffle a huge success, we need your help.  In the past items have been collected locally, and at the event for the raffle room.  This year we are going to try something a little different and hopefully, a little easier for everyone to participate.

To start, we have created an Amazon Wish List!  Please know these are just suggestions, and if there is something that you just know everyone needs, please feel free to send it!


Amazon orders can be shipped directly to me through the above link. I do ask that if you send something, please include a “gift note” that includes your Name and Club affiliation. This way, I can give you (and your club if applicable) the credit you deserve!

As a thank you for donating, every month we will pick one name to win a special prize from those that donated during that month.  This will reset at the beginning of each month, and everyone that donates will get one chance in the monthly drawing.

Now for the big news.  We will also be tracking everything donated throughout the year. For every $20 donated, you will receive one chance for an exclusive, high value raffle prize.  This will be an accumulative calculation throughout the year.  For example: if one person sends eight $5 items and someone sends one $40 item, both people will receive 2 (two) raffle tickets for the exclusive on-site raffle. 

You can also purchase items from any of your other favorite shopping sites (Etsy, Zulily, Target, Walmart, Bass Pro, Margaritaville… etc.) too!  If you choose to donate from sites other than Amazon, or send items you may find shopping, please reach out to me directly either at raffles@nerphc.org or on Facebook, for my address, and to let me know what you are sending or to arrange a pickup. 

Thank you all in advance for your help and donations!  I can’t wait to see what you all send!

Beth Berube
Secretary and Raffle Chairperson
Northeast Regional Parrot Head Convention Committee

Northeast Regional Parrot Head Convention
April 28 – May 1, 2022


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